Create analytics reports just by writing SQL

DataReportive is a reporting tool for your SQL databases. Create and distribute data reports to your team directly from your databases. Write SQL, visualize your data, and combine them to create data reports.

A tool designed to do one thing well

Set everything up in minutes.

Connect to your SQL Databases

Supporting MySQL, PostgresSQL, MS SQL Server and Amazon Redshift.

Create Dashboards

Quickly create dashboards in minutes.

Create Reports

Need PDF reports? Use drag and drop or just write HTML.

Schedule Reports

Schedule which users to receive which reports and when.

Reports or Dashboards

Create dashboards to fit on a screen or create PDF reports perfect for email!


Start with a free account with all available features.
No credit card needed.

Up to 2 users
Up to 2 reports
Create account
$19.99per month
Up to 10 users
Unlimited reports
$34.99per month
Unlimited users
Unlimited reports

Security and Privacy

Our biggest priority is to make sure your data is accessed securely!

We take access to your data very seriously. All your credentials are securely stored and encrypted. We provide secure ways to connect to your database including SSH and SSL connections. Privacy is equally important. Our privacy policy forbids us to ever access your data. For more you can read our entire Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions.